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1897 James J. Corbett vs Bob Fitzsimmons Fight Ticket PSA

Very Rare March 17 1897 Boxing James J. Corbett vs Bob Fitzsimmons World Heavyweight Championship Fight Ticket Stub.
Fitzsimmons Knocked Corbett Out In The 14 Round And New Heavyweight Champ.
The Ticket Was Original Made For The Dallas Venue It Was Altered And Used For The Carson City Nevada.
Condition PSA Grades Ticket Stub EX - MT - 6. Only 1 Of 2 Known And Highest Grade.
$ 2000

1902 Joe Gans -Frank Erne World Lightweight Championship Full Ticket

Very Rare May 12 1902 Boxing Joe Gans - Frank Erne World Lightweight Championship Fight Full Ticket. Joe Gans win with a 1st round knockout.
He is the first Native - Born Black American to win a World Boxing Championship. Joe Gans was a American professional Boxer was rated the greatest lightweight Boxer of all - time by boxing historian and Ring Magazing Nat Fleischer.
The Fight Was Held At International - Athletic - Club Ontario Canda.
Condition PSA Grades Ticket Full Good - 2 Proof Only 1 Ever Graded By PSA.
$ 3500

1889 John L Sullivan - Jake Kilrain Heavyweight Championship Fight Full Ticket

Very Rare July 8 1889 In Richburg Mississippi John L Sullivan vs Jake Kilrain Last - Bare Knuckle Heavyweight Championship Fight Full Ticket. In what would be the last defense of his title in bare knuckles. They had come to witness an illegal activity.
The horde of ticket - holders paid $ 15 Dollars for Ringside seats the rest paid $ 10 dollars for general admission. A sporting event deemed illegal in all 38 states Gov. Robert Lowry had offered a $ 1500 dollar reward for the arrest of the Fighters


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